Invest in the real estate market from just €50

Are you looking to invest in real estate but find yourself short on time, expertise, upfront capital or access to credit ?

With ATOA, you can invest easily and swiftly while receiving a share of rental income every month.

Your investment is secured through the transfer of properties into a legal trust (fiducie).

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A portfolio of buildings and apartments in dynamic regions


1| Buy and easily resell fractions of real estate projects

Create your Atoa account in a few clicks. There you go, you can start investing, buying and reselling your real estate tokens.
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2| Collect credits every month

Starting with a 50€ investment, you earn monthly credits from rental income.

You can use these credits for a weekend in one of our short-term rental properties, reinvest in new tokens or request a transfer in euros or cryptocurrencies.

3| Enjoy our rock-solid model

Your fractions appreciate in value over time along with the property.

Your fractions are protected in the form of real estate tokens, secured on a public blockchain.

Your tokens make you the beneficiary of a legal trust, ensuring the safety of your invested capital.

How it works

How it works ?

1Simply open an account on Atoa. No knowledge of blockchain is required.
2Purchase your first real estate tokens of the properties that interest you, in cryptocurrencies or euros.
3Manage your portfolio of real estate tokens and your savings account as you see fit.
How it works

Real estate investment finally accessible to all

Inclusive investment

Anyone can invest at their own pace, regardless of their credit score.

Energy renovation

All properties undergo energy-efficient renovations to improve their energy performance.

Tenant comfort

Each property is renovated and modernized to provide maximum comfort to the occupants.

Transparent and secure investment

Our commissions are transparent :

10% of the sale price : this covers property search (to find the best properties), property visits, negotiation with sellers, technical audits, cost estimates for renovations, negotiation of bank loans, and the development of the project's value-adding plan.

10% of the rental income received : this is for end-to-end property management, daily oversight, tenant billing, rent collection, distribution to investors, property inspections, move-in/move-out inspections, management of necessary insurance, monitoring of claims, small repairs, and relocations !

Our token grants you the right to benefit from the net income of the property and be a beneficiary of the Fiducie (trust) in which the property's ownership is transferred.

How it works

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